Introduction is intended to be my personal website, blog, portfolios, and development or experiment with any .Net related technologies. Also, I will share any problem-solution found anywhere throughout my journey as Back-end Developer in C#.

I have another domain: Still empty, I'll use that domain to be my another experiment. Also please check out my college project: NyariEO.Online, that's supposed to be a Marketplace to find your best Event Organizer for your needs, BUT, I don't feel like I would continue it. It will remains online, atleast until my AWS Trial Subscription expired lol.

Beside those nerdy things, I'll post my personal stuffs, opinions, music, photography and shitposting.

I know you won't, but still, don't expect to much to this website. I don't even know I would update this web frequently.

You can follow my InstagramTwitter @purnadika

Thanks anyway for reading this introduction.

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